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2000s Rave

Quarantine has been difficult for everyone for a wide array of reasons. In an attempt to make up for how weird of a year it has been, my friends and I have made it a point to dress up and dress in theme a few times in the past month. Just because we don't have anywhere to wear our outfits doesn't mean that we can't spend time getting ready together, sipping on a few beveraginos, and then hyping each other up while taking pictures. It's the little things!

For my friend Katie's 24th birthday she requested a 90s/2000s RAVE theme. Immediately I took to google and pinterest as inspiration, as one who lacks creativity like me does. I debated back and forth if I should model an outfit after one of the spice girls, perhaps early Britney Spears, or even Franny the Nanny. I think I landed somewhere in between. Now I just need to find occasions to wear parts of the outfit again lol. At the rate everything is going, I won't be able to until its summer and I'm at a lake-side bar in NH wearing my metallic pants and ya know what? I won't apologize for it.

*Outfit details at the end of page!

Amazon Metallic Bralette (Size XL - Up one Size)

Amazon Metallic Pants (Size XL - Up one size)

Amazon Sunglasses

Manstompers from Nordstrom

Fuzzy Pink Coat from Target

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