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Abercrombie Jeans - My New Obsession

I am not one to enjoy shopping for jeans. It has always been my least favorite thing to shop for - historically it has not been easy to find jeans that fit my shape, so I always did it out of need. That has changed! More and more so companies are coming out with "Curvy" style jeans that are better made to fit my body type. Although they all have their merits, my current favorites are Abercrombie Jeans.

There are a few different reasons why they are my new favorites. First of all, the quality of the jeans are truly unlike anything in the same price range. They are soft and comfortable but they're not all stretch material so they actually hold their shape. I have a pair (pictured below) that I've worn many times before feeling like I needed to wash them because they'd lost their shape. That is not the case when I wear my American Eagle Jeans. Another thing that I love is the diversity of jeans. There are so many different colors, styles, cuts, rips, etc. In fact, so many that I wouldn't normally think to try!

The best part of all though is that Abercrombie ALWAYS has tens of pairs of jeans on clearance that are only $24.99. Which BLOWS my mind! These are jeans that at one point retailed between $80-$100 and are now super affordable. Ever since I realized this I do a weekly look at Abercrombie clearance because let's be honest.... even if I don't NEED a new pair of jeans, I can't resist an awesome pair at such an awesome price.

Outfit details below!

Asos Top (borrowed from a friend)

Abercrombie Ultra High Rise Super Skinny Jeans (no link, bought in store!)

Steve Madden Sneakers

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