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Amazon Lululemon Dupe

I am late to the game but there has been a top floating around all of the internet that is a "Lululemon Dupe." Admittedly, my concern before buying was not if it was a true dupe or not. I don't own any lulu so I wouldn't be a good judge! My concern was my ability to wear the top without wearing a bra. Everyone claims its so supportive but some of us work with a liiiiiitle more than others. Well, I finally got around to buying it and I am IMPRESSED. So impressed that I'm kicking myself for not having hopped on the trend sooner. The question now becomes.... what colors will I buy next?!

LINK TO TOP HERE (I sized up to an XL)

TikTok of me showing off the top (lol)

Top shown here alone

Top shown here as part of an outfit! (Which was mainly why I wanted to buy it. I always have a hard time finding cropped tank tops to wear under things that don't require a bra. Why am I so against bras? Convenience, K thx.)

(Jeans are from TJ Maxx, Cardigan is from TJMaxx, Necklace Set is from Amazon)

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