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Amazon Sweater Dress

For me, there are a few clothing pieces that I love the look of but know that they usually don't look good on me. Shift dresses... sweater dresses... do you sense a trend? They seem to always make me look frumpy and erase any shape I have. Sometimes, they even go as far as be too short where I feel like I'm going to expose the world. Yet somehow... despite knowing I'll get hurt every time... I still always hold out hope that I will find a dress that works.

Enter the Amazon Sweater Dress. I saw someone else post this dress and on a whim decided to buy it. I loved the deep emerald green and figured it would either be great for the holidays... or I could return it. For maybe the first time in my life, I was NOT disappointed. The dress is soooo soft, I could've stayed in it all day. The length is great for me (note: I'm 5'6.5" and yes, I will forever live with the disappointment that I didn't reach 5'7".)

See below for a few ways I styled it! I bought it in an XL which is a size up for me, primarily because I was concerned with the length!

Casual look with white sneakers! Steve Madden Rezza White Sneakers

Paired with Snake Print Mules (last season from Loft Outlet).

Similar pair from Forever 21.

Similar pair from Nordstrom Rack.

Paired with black tights and Cheetah Booties! These booties are a few years old from target but linking two alternatives below! Target Booties - Same print different shape

Target Booties - Different print similar shape

Paired with over the knee boots! They are the "Naviah Over the Knee Boots" from last year at Target but linking a similar pair below.

Target Microsuede Over the Knee Boots

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