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Bobbles & Lace Sweatshirt

You know when you buy something and have plans to wait to wear it but then you keep thinking about it and wear it like two days later? That was me with this sweatshirt... sweater? Idk. I bought it from Bobbles & Lace, a boutique with a bunch of different locations. The second I bought it I knew I wanted to wear it the next day... to just lounge around for a Sunday. I decided to be rationale and hold off. Well, it's now Tuesday and the "holding off" has ended. I already know this is going to be a staple in FREQUENT rotation in my outfits. It has enough *spice* to dress up but is also perfect for lounging. Score.

The sweatshirt is not available on their website, sorry! Below are some that I found that are similar.

Amazon #1

Amazon #2


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