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Gab With Gabi - A Sneak Peak

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

As I sit here and attempt to write my very first blog post ever, all I can help but wonder is..... literally what the fuck am I doing?

For a long time now, I've felt drawn to communicating in some form to the outside world, in ways that my Instagram stories and texts to friends could not suffice. You see, I'm a storyteller in my own way. Some would say it's the ~Gift of Gab~ (this is where you laugh), some could say it's the fact that my sun sign is in Gemini (yes, you can roll your eyes). Whatever the reason is, I've always loved to tell a good story. Ask my friends! They hear the same ones over and over again.

So, here I am. Ready to take on blogging. And you're probably wondering "Okay Gabi, get to the point. What are you going to blog about?" The cold hard truth is, I have no fucking clue. My dating life is lackluster at best, my work is stable, and I don't have friend drama anymore (keyword: anymore. 2016 was a wild year). But, for the sake of the millions of thoughts and ideas floating through my brain at any given point in time, I'm going attempt to write. One day, you may get a story about a weird conversation on a dating app, another day it might be about how I cried during my entire workout. Heck if I know. Stay tuned!

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