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Leather Joggers

So apparently I am just on the leather train. I have had the idea of leather pants on my mind for a few days now. Yes - I own the faux leather Spanx (BLOG POST about my undying love for them) No - they are not enough. I have seen a few different pairs and almost bought a $70 pair from Topshop (while buying the Topshop Leather Skirt) and then decided to have SOME self control.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I stopped into Target for some Jiffy Cornbread (which was sold out by the way????) and saw a $20 pair of Leather Joggers! I am so excited about these because you get a fun fashionable pair of leather pants WHILE being comfy AF. See below for a few ways I styled! They can be dressed up or dressed down and I am 10000% here for that. Perfect Thanksgiving Day outfit anyone?

Note: Wearing a size L in the joggers. They are big on my waist but are perfectly baggy on my legs so they run ~a tad~ bit big.

Abercrombie White Body Suit (bought in store on Clearance so I don't have a direct link but linking two similar options below) and the booties are discussed in this BLOG POST.

Cozy Tie-Front Body Suit

Long-Sleeve Cozy Wrap Front Bodysuit

Sneakers are Steve Madden!

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