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New Year Planning

Over the years I've done New Years resolutions, I've done nothing, and most recently (2020) I created a vision board. I'm not here to say what will work because honestly idk what has worked in the past for me. But this year, I'm taking a different approach. Tonight, I sat down and felt inspired to write a list of things I want to do or continue doing (mixed in with vision board-esque manifestations).

I've seen a lot on TikTok recently about how an easy adjustment to how to eat healthier is to think about what you can "add" instead of "take away." I'm also a big believer in the power of thoughts and more importantly how thoughts become things. In the instance of "goal setting," "resolutions," "planning," I think it can be a slippery slope to focus on things I won't do in the new year. The reason being that I don't want these things I perceive as negative to be my focus going into the year because I'll spend time thinking about not doing them.... but then I'm thinking about them...

As a side note, after setting my intentions for the year, I started a course that is all about creating a year of you and the first module had us highlight what worked for us this year. We also reflected on what didn't but really the focus was to evaluate the things that have brought us happiness, fulfillment, progress etc. and think about how we can do more of that moving into the new year.

So, my approach for taking on the new year is to phrase everything in an on-going manner and to build upon those good habits. For example, I want to continue including Yoga as a workout. Previously, I would have tried to establish what that looked like to create accountability for myself and as an easy way to ensure I was meeting my goal (can you tell I have an business background?). Example: I want to practice Yoga once a week. Well now I'm thinking... well what's the point? Why give it a strict metric? I enjoy going to yoga because I love how my body feels afterwards and I love the soul benefits that I get out of it. But one thing I've learned in the last few months is to be open and flexible with how I'm moving my body and doing what I need. So with that in mind I know that some weeks, I may want to practice yoga for the majority of the workouts because I need the meditation, I need the chance to connect with myself, I need the challenge and the energy that it brings. However, I also know that some weeks I may be feeling high strung and need something like a spin class that is going to push me in different ways. I may need the partnership of working out with a friend regardless of what the workout looks like. So, with all of this in mind, I reached the goal of simply incorporating yoga as a workout.

For some, this might not bring enough accountability that they want to set for themselves with New Years resolutions. For me, it gives me the opportunity to continue doing positive things that I enjoy in a fashion that works for me. The yogis really do say it best when they say to "take what you need."

Drizzled in these personal intentions I've also included manifestations. I personally find more power in being explicit in writing them out but manifestations can also be a feeling or emotion. If using pictures helps you accomplish that then right on sister. A lot of my manifestations are things I expect I can achieve in a year (again, can you tell I have a business background and think setting achievable goals is important???). However, I'm working on adding things to them that are truly a "stretch," that I can honestly say I'm not sure how this would happen but I'm going to ask for them anyways. What's the worst that can happen? I don't get the things I'm asking for?

This may have just been a huge rant of a post and not all of my goals look like this but thought it would be nice to document my thought process and be able to come back to it in a year.

Side Note: I don't think New Years or Birthdays (or New Moons) are necessary landmarks to reset, evaluate, and forward think but there's something undeniable around the energy around these!!

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