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Patent Leather Spanx

One of my early posts was about my undying love for the Spanx Faux Leather leggings. Since then I took the plunge to try out the Patent Leather Spanx, per the recommendation of a friend of mine. I'll admit... I was hesitant. They're a bit "out there" which is saying something for me.

So picture this - they get delivered and I stuck my big ol legs in them and immediately thought... there is absolutely no way that I'm getting these all the way on. They felt TIGHT and STIFF. SOS. I somehow found the mental strength to power through and much to my surprise they fit like a glove. Actually, I'll do you one better. They fit like a hot dog casing (comparison is not mine, can't take credit here). More importantly, they fit SO comfortably. While I love the Faux Leather leggings, my one qualm is that they tend to roll at the top (I realize they probably don't do that for people with no stomach fat but that isn't what we're working with in my neck of the woods). The Patent Leather however have a stiffer top (idk how to describe it any better) so they stay just where they are supposed to. It's like magic.

Below are a few different ways that I've styled them! I knew I wanted to wear them for NYE but told myself I'd have to wear a few other times to justify the purchase. Much to my surprise I now reach for them more than I do my Faux Leather leggings.

New Years Eve Outfit

Paired here with a Finders Keeper Top from Bobbles & Lace (one of my favorite boutiques)!

Mountain Chic

Paired here with an Abercrombie & Fitch Flannel and my go-tos Steve Madden Rezza White Sneakers.

Valentines Day Dinner (Lemon Drop shot not included)

Paired with a Red Blazer and my White Leather Booties

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