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Skims Dupe - OBSESSED

For those that don't know, Kim Kardashian launched a brand called Skims that has bras, underwear, etc. It also has the coziest looking lounge sets for a PRETTY PENNY. (Original Pants, Original Tank, Original Duster = TOTAL $268) So, when I saw someone on TikTok post a dupe from Amazon I knew I had to try it..... even if I was going to have to wait a month+ for shipping. Talk about first world problems.

Luckily for lil ol impatient me, the set arrived in about 3 weeks. My shopping problem is such that when it came in I literally didn't know what it was. Talk about the memory of a goldfish. Anyways - I'm obsessed. It's so soft and comfortable, I don't feel like I'm going to sweat to death. The color is a little less purple than I expected but I still love it.

Link to Amazon Skims Dupe Set

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