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Topshop Leather Skirt

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

I LOVE the look of a leather skirt but I find it really hard to find one that fits over my....uh.... my caboose... my peach.... my behind.... you get it. I feel like all skirts that I find end up being too short and then I either have to wear with tights or not at all.

WELL!!!!!!!! I just found a super affordable leather skirt from Topshop. I had to go with a 14 (which is up one size) so that it would fit over my aforementioned peach but the length is great and the fit otherwise is perfect!!! See below for a bunch of ways I found to style it.

Note: I pulled the skirt up a bit to be higher rise and shorter but my comment above about great length is still true! You could choose to wear it a little lower than I have.

TikTok of me styling the skirt in multiple ways

Casual look with a long grey duster cardigan! Can't link the cardigan since I bought it at a Marshall's in store but linking a similar one HERE from Amazon. Another Amazon Option!

Sneakers are Steve Madden!

T-shirt is a custom from one of my favorite instagram accounts: Capricorn Designs

White Booties from Madden Girl (Sold out - see my BLOG POST for alternatives)

Flowy white shirt tucked in paired with ~White Leather Booties~ Are you sensing a trend?

Potential NYE outfit! Top is like 3 years old at this point from H&M!

Booties were clearance from Macy's but linking two similar options below:

Nine West Booties

Madden Girl Booties (I have these in white!)

Potential concert outfit if we ever get to go to a concert again????

Boots: THE Manstompers (Blog Post!)

Shirt is last season Express "Sheer Chiffon Tunic" - (sorry no link but here is a similar one from ASOS).

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