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White Leather Booties

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

So I'll start out by saying I have more shoes than one probably should have. I did an inventory of all of my shoes (pre-quarantine) and was easily at 50 pairs. I wouldn't consider myself a shoe person but know that I love a good, fun shoe. My mom has always loved shoes too so maybe that's where I get it from!

Usually what happens is I'm not looking for shoes and they just appear in my life... which means I can't say no! They just appeared! Most recently, I was browsing Nordstrom for who knows what and came across a pair of White Leather Booties. Love. Need. Have to have!!!! And then.... something unimaginable happened. They weren't available... at all???

One would think that since I wasn't even on the market for a pair of white boots that I wouldn't care, right? Wrong. I immediately texted my friend Jen telling her how upset I was that I'd been duped! And in that moment, Jen did what Jen does best. Jen did not give up on me in my pursuit to spend money. Jen found a pair of white leather booties for me to buy. Could I let her down in that moment and not buy them? Absolutely not. And wow am I glad I didn't!! You can see for yourself below but can we agree that they are just perfect?

Note: The white booties I bought are actually sold out but they're SO comfortable I recommend them even if in a different color!

Similar Pair: Asos Raid Wynter Boots

TikTok of me showing off the booties!

Paired here with my FAVORITE Amazon Sweater and my Abercrombie "Made for Bre" Mom Jeans

Closeup! See below for a few different ways to style!

Abercrombie White Body Suit (bought in store on Clearance so I don't have a direct link but linking two similar options below) and Target Leather Joggers (in a Large)

Cozy Tie-Front Body Suit

Long-Sleeve Cozy Wrap Front Bodysuit

NEW Topshop Leather Skirt (Full blog post about this to follow! Wearing size 14)

Shirt is last season Express "Sheer Chiffon Tunic" - (sorry no link but here is a similar one from ASOS).

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