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Who is Gabi?

If by some miracle you've stumbled onto this page and you don't know me, I bet you're wondering "Who is Gabi?"

*A few assumptions were made in the statement above for the sake of this post: 1) A random person who doesn't know me would actually find this blog 2) a random person cares about who I am.*

Recently I was talking to a friend and trying to come up with something unique/random about me for me to continue my conversation with a man from Hinge. In that moment I realized (and my friend agreed) that there isn't a single unique thing about me... yet somehow, I doubt many people can say they've met someone like me.

Listen, that's not me tooting my own horn. It's a fact. I'm 26 years old, born and raised in Boston, went to school in Boston, still live and work in Boston. I am simultaneously Type A and straight edge while also the kind of person who orders Tequila Red Bulls to spice up my night and will force my friends into peanut butter whiskey shots. I'm a planner when I go on vacations but can't make decisions to save my life. There has never been a creative project that I've worked on past 25%, yet professionally I'm in a project based role. I complain about being single yet don't spend more than 5 minutes on dating apps a week. I love to shop and spend 12+ hours out day drinking yet somehow think I'll end up a millionaire. (If you're wondering how the math adds up on that one, it doesn't). Anyways, I think you get it. I'm sure I've done more than enough to hook you so you come back and continue to read.

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